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Antique Fireplace Surrounds
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Fireplace Restoration in Hatings

Sussex Fireplace Restoration have a great antique product for your fireplace that will add the perfect style and elegance to it. Our fire surrounds make it stand out in a room as the most amazing centrepiece. It can also work with the styling of the room to add style but not take away from any of the other furnishings.

We have a lot of products in stock that can help you achieve the look you are wanting. This includes our amazing selections of fire surrounds. There are a few sub-categories in fire surrounds and each are described below to allow you to see the benefits for each of them.

Cast Iron surrounds are fairly elaborate in style compared to the other types of fire surrounds available. They can add a lot to a room without taking away anything from the centrepiece of the room. Cast iron surrounds are very sturdy and they will last a life time. So choosing the right style for you and your home is an important decision.

Marble fire surrounds are some of the most beautiful. The style is fairly simply but the grain in the marble can really bring the surround to life. There are many different colours of marble to choose from. But whichever you decide upon, your fire surround is sure to bring an elegance and modern look to your room.

Stone surrounds are perhaps the most basic of all surrounds due to the fact that the stone used can be quite hard to work. If you are looking for a way of achieving a geometric shape that will add a lot to a room, then a stone fire surround is certainly the way to go.

Wooden fireplace surrounds can be as basic or ornate as you would like them to be. A wooden fireplace offers a beautiful feature for any room that provides elegance and period appeal.

Sussex Fireplace Restoration are your first choice for antique fireplace surrounds  in Hastings. If you would like any more information about any of the fire surrounds that we have in stock, then please do feel free to get in touch. Call 01424 571018. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.