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Bespoke Fireplace Surrounds
Hastings, East Sussex

Are you looking for bespoke fireplace surrounds? Sussex Fireplace Restoration also offer a bespoke service, making fireplaces to your own specifications.

We can create a fireplace of any design to suit your requirements, be it a reproduction of a valuable antique piece or in a contemporary style. If you have an idea for a bespoke fireplace surround, get in touch today.

Bespoke Fireplace Surrounds Hastings, East Sussex - parts of marble fireplace in workshop
antique marble fireplace

Our designers can create fireplaces from materials including slate, marble, cast iron and stone. We can work from photographs, sketches or drawings, as well as your input to create your unique piece.

Our in-depth knowledge of historical fireplace design and architectural styles means that you are guaranteed a piece which complements the style of your home.

James Wyatt fireplace restored

We have undertaken many previous bespoke commissions. We were employed by the Historical Board of Benjamin Franklin House to manufacture exact replicas of authentically-aged stone fireplaces.

The fireplaces were for 36 Craven Street, London, which was built circa. 1730 and was where Benjamin Franklin lived for nearly 16 years between 1757 and 1775 during his stay in England.

The house, which is now a museum, is a Grade 1 listed building with many original features.

Victorian Style Fireplace Surrounds

Our Victorian fireplace surrounds are excellent quality and have been restored to an exceptional standard, due to our many years of experience and expert knowledge.

We want our customers to rest assured that their new fireplace surround has been restored correctly, with no problems. We are a reliable and trustworthy fireplace surround restoration company.

Antique Fireplace Surrounds

If you're interested in antique designs, then you have come to the right place. Here at Sussex Fireplace Restoration, we have a wide range of stunning antique fireplace surrounds.

We take pride in our wide range of designs and affordable prices. We restore fireplace surrounds to make them look as good as new, and at a professional standard, as we have years of experience in the industry.

Georgian Fireplace Surrounds

Georgian fireplace surrounds add a sense of personality to your home, with an added sense of history. They are beautifully designed and made and make your fireplace look classy and expensive.

If you would like to see pictures or get a free quote for one of our fantastic Georgian fireplace surrounds, please get in contact with us today. We also run a no obligations policy.

Cast Iron Fireplace Surrounds

Are you looking for unique cast iron fireplace surrounds to suit the character and style of your house? Here at Sussex Fireplace Restoration, we have a wide range to choose from, all at extremely affordable prices.

We provide excellent customer service for our customers, so if you have any questions about our cast iron fireplace surrounds, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Restored Fireplace Surrounds

We sell restored fire surrounds, that look as good as new, but for a more affordable price. We have taken them apart, replaced parts, re-painted them and tested them to ensure they work perfectly. For more information on our wide range of restored fire surrounds, please get in touch today.

Made to Measure Fire Surrounds Near Me

Here at Sussex Fireplace Restoration, we provide a made to measure service, where we will make your fire surrounds for you to match your specific measurements.

All you need to do is tell us your measurements and select your colour and design, and we'll custom make you your perfect fire surround.

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If you'd like more information on creating your bespoke fireplace surrounds, please call us on 01424 571018 or use the form on the Contact Us page.