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Fireplace Grate Restoration
Hastings, East Sussex

A grate can really transform the style of your fireplace. Here at Sussex Fireplace Restoration we have many different styles for you to choose from. So you can get the exact fireplace design that you are looking for and never have to compromise at all.

Fireplace Grate Restoration Hastings, East Sussex
Vintage grates for fireplaces
Fireplace Grate Fitting Hastings, East Sussex
Vintage Grate Restoration

Archived grates

Archived grates are a traditional style that can look great in any room. They can turn your fireplace into an elegant feature that will look great for many years to come. 

Within this category there are modern and traditional looking grates. These will all add a certain style to your fireplace and work with the décor of the room you intend it to go in.

Dog grates

Dog grates are very ornate. They are perfect for adding a lot of style into a fairly small space in a room. 

We have some beautiful authentic dog grates in stock that are the perfect antique examples of this style.

Register grates

Register grates look similar to archived grates. Except the elegance and style that they can bring to the room is even more elaborate. 

The floral patterns within the metal work really adds an element of style that you cannot find in many other grates. Once again we have a wide selection for you to choose from.


Stoves are very ornate indeed and we have a wonderful Victorian era Belgian stove in stock that was created in the 1880s. 

It has a real sense of elegance about it. If you are wanting to turn your fireplace into a feature centrepiece, then this is certainly the grate to go with.

Tile grates

Tile grates are brilliant because they allow you to add even more style to your fireplace. The tiles can add a spot of colour to the fireplace and can make it an even better centrepiece. 

We have a wide range to choose from. So you can be sure that we will have one that will suit the colour scheme that you have in mind for your room.

Antique Fireplaces In Sussex

Sussex Fireplace Restoration are the leading specialists for Fireplace Restoration in Sussex and the UK. Contact us if you would like any more information regarding any of the style of grates above. 

Or if you require a specific product then please feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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