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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our frequently asked questions below about our antique fireplaces. We offer restorations and repair of vintage fireplaces and surrounds.

One way is to check the back of the fireplace. If the screws are new, this is a sign that the fireplace is not original or that some parts of it have been replaced.

Check the detail: The detail on an original fireplace should be clear and crisp. When fireplaces are reproduced using moulds, a lot of the detail can be lost. 

On a cast iron fireplace, the brand name is usually on the back, and it will be indented. On reproduction fireplaces, the name will stand out.

Find out how to date a fireplace.

Antique Fireplace Restoration

This depends on whether the restoration is due to age or damage, or both. Different types and styles of fireplaces will require different techniques. 

Here at Sussex Fireplace Restoration, our highly professional restorers will tell you precisely what is necessary to restore your fireplace.

We offer  antique fireplace restoration in Hastings and East Sussex.

The cost to restore a fireplace will depend on whether the fireplace is badly damaged or requires minor restoration. The type, style and age will also denote the charge to restore it.

While it is possible to restore old marble on a fireplace, it does require experience, skill and specialist equipment. 

If you want a free quote to restore your fireplace, call Sussex Fireplace Restoration, our team will give you all the advice and information you require.

Yes, you can update a marble fireplace. There are many ways and techniques. These include tiling over the marble, painting the marble fireplace. 

The choice is personal, and it depends on what you want the result to look like. It is always best to seek professional help before embarking on this type of project if you have little or no knowledge.

To restore a cast iron Victorian fireplace, you will need to follow these steps:

Clean away all the rust on the surface of the fireplace.
Strip away any old layers of paint.
Repair any cracks. It is best practice to have this done professionally. 

Polish or re-paint your fireplace as desired.

Antique Fireplaces For Sale

An original period fireplace is an attractive and popular feature in a home and can add value to your property. 

It is a good idea to have them restored. They are far more expensive to purchase. 

Read more about our  antique fireplaces for sale in Hastings, East Sussex.

If you have a working antique fireplace in your home, it can increase the sale value of your house. Many prospective buyers find fireplaces appealing. 

Therefore, the purchaser will be more likely to pay more for a property that has a fireplace installed, so they don't have to have one added later on.

Yes, you can have a fireplace in a bedroom. Many old houses had fireplaces installed in bedrooms. They add warmth and elegance to a room.

How do you keep a cast iron fireplace from rusting?

Yes, you can paint the mantle and surround. If you want to paint the cast iron fire, use an oil-based primer and paint to block out moisture.

You can wipe down the fireplace with white spirit, use a clean cloth soaked in the spirit, remove any excess paint, and not get any water on the fireplace. 

It will start to rust. If you see any sign of rust, you should remove it using gentle wire wool. Wipe the fire down with a soft dry cloth once all dust has been removed. 

A professional fireplace restorer like Sussex Fireplace Restoration will be able to do this for you using the correct equipment and tools.

The choice of colour depends on personal preference. It is always a good idea for the colour to be a neutral shade. 

Neutral shades tend to be more appealing and will blend with the chosen colour of your room.

Bespoke Fireplace Surrounds

For affordability, wood is the best material for a fireplace surround. If you are looking to provide a classier authentic look to your room, a stone surround is the best material. 

Follow this link for  bespoke fireplace surrounds in Hastings, East Sussex

Shelf Depth: First, measure the depth of the fire surround mantel from the front edge to the wall. 
Total Height: Next, you measure the height of the fire surround mantel. Measure from the top of the hearth or the floor to the bottom of the mantel shelf. 
Total Width: Then, you measure the entire width of the fire surround from end to end.